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Normale Version: does it fit from ktm lc4
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Hello everybody i'm from lithuania and my english isint that perfect so sorry if i writte something wrog.

I have a question: does the parts fit from ktm lc4 to cagiva w16, canyon ?
Hello from Estonia

- as fare as I know - it has been mentioned here in the forum - parts for the starters overrrunning pulley might match.

But I don´t own a W16 and can´t say anything detailled - and please don´t be disappointed if there won´t be more answers over here.

Spareparts catalogue is online / https://www.oemmotorparts.com/oem3.asp?M...6%20%20600 / it might be a help.

In general the majority of forum users are riding Gran Canyon, Navigator or Raptor bikes.

best regards - Christoph


as i know that canyno, w16, w12, t4 500cc, river the engines were te same becouse i'm searching for the 1995 model.

what are you looking for ?

The Engine from the 600cc Canyon or W16 and the Engine from the 600cc River is the same. The 500cc Engines are the same too. The T4 is an older Model without electric Starter. The W12 Engine have only 350cc.

Best Regards


maybe you know from what other model fits flywheel becouse there is only ove flywheel and it costs 400eur and i want to ask does it fit from another model like ktm lc 4 ?

the Flywheel is from Kokusan and have the Part No. FP8315. You will never found a new Part like this. Hopefully a used part.

If the Flywheel is broken, look at this Thread.

Best Regards



that was wery helpful but like you said in the that threid where i could by these magnets becouse they are broken in half and another half
Sorry my Friend, but i dont understand what you mean.

If the Magnet of the Flywheel is broken, you can repair this. If you want to buy a new One, forget it.