when i drive like 20-30 km and slower and use the brake its like the front brakediscs are not 100 % round
even after i change to new discs and pads ?

Any good tips

Best regards
Bjorn Sweden

This Problem can not be caused by the Pads. That must be the Discs. Did you Install new ones? It also can happen that new discs do not go round.

Thanks for your answer
yes its the same symtom like before whit all the old discs and pads

So what you have to do is to measure if the discs go round. Lift up the front of the bike. Fix a screw driver or a Metal stick on the fork in the height of the disc so that the stick touch the disc. Turn the wheel an look if the disc goes round(on both sides).
Also you can proove with a vernier caliper or a micrometer screw if the disc has the same thickness all around.
Greetings and i wish you success :daumen:

Hi Bjorn,
why should it be only at low Speed? - Maybe you simply don'5 realize a highspeed as the frequency is higher...

I assume it's rather the flange of one of the discs at the wheel hub as the problem persists even with new discs.

Maybe you can check the flange and even get it turned flat on a milling machine.

You can check the flange with the same way that ducwolvo described for the discs by measuring at the inner Diameter. - Better without the discs, but even with the discs.

I would check if the Problem exists on both discs and then just dismantle and remount the disc - maybe there is some dirt between disand flange or it simply doesn't sit correctly!

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